Partner: Ateneo Human Rights Center
Outputs: Website definition, UX/UI Design, Content Management, Website Development, Online Crash Course

Year: 2020


Ateneo Human Rights Center (AHRC) is “engaged in the promotion and protection of human rights in the Philippines. With its vision to have a just and humane society and the mission to respect, protect and promote human rights most especially in the Philippines, the AHRC works to achieve its objectives through engagement with communities and partner organisations. AHRC’s main areas of work include human rights training and education of law students and other sectors; promotion and protection of the rights of marginalized groups, including children, women, migrant workers, and indigenous peoples (through its Child Rights Desk, Women and Migrant Workers Desk, and Indigenous Peoples Desk); development of an ASEAN human rights mechanism; research, publication, curriculum development, legislative advocacy, and policy initiatives on human rights”.

Interventions include firming up the website strategy; developing visual design based on branding; content design; developing a website using WordPress, a popular open source content management; creating reusable page templates, layouts and other design elements; and conduct of online crash course.

(Photos by Ateneo Human Rights Center)

The Ateneo Human Rights Center strongly recommends Victor's services. Working with Victor and his team opened our eyes to what was possible, both in terms of developing our website and also an incredible level of customer service. When made promises to meet deadlines, each one was met without breaking a sweat. In addition, Victor and his team made sure that each detail throughout the development process was explained thoroughly. Every detail was accounted for by his team, with an eye to expand our understanding on how to effectively manage our website and improve the user experience.

Guio Martinez, Communications Officer, Ateneo Human Rights Center

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