Partner: Center for Humanitarian Learning and Innovation
Output: Website Development

Year: 2019


The Center for Humanitarian Learning and Innovation aims to address the capacity development needs of individuals and institutions operating in the humanitarian sectors by providing a learning platform through Kaya, a global online learning platform for the humanitarian sector.

Through the website, CHLI hopes to re-introduce the organization to existing and potential partners and users – which offers the same services and learning platform. It provides information about the free and paid learning courses it offers impact stories and its diverse partnerships as well.

The website runs WordPress, a popular open source content management system and a premium theme customized to reflect CHLI’s branding guidelines and the most effective way to showcase contents based on page mockups approved by CHLI. Online crash course and adequate technical support, post-launch, were also provided.

Amazing work for developing the website of the Center for Humanitarian Learning & Innovation. Responsible, consistent, and full of ideas and inputs to produce better outputs. It was a pleasure working with you, Vic! We are a very satisfied client.

Melinda Gabuya, Former Communications Officer, Center for Humanitarian Learning & Innovation

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