Project Name: Do No Harm Quick Check
Partner: Department of Social Welfare and Development-CARAGA, GIZ Philippines
Outputs: Product ideation, UX/UI Research, UX/UI Design, Mobile Development (Android),  Backend Services, User Training, Pilot Testing

Year: 2019


The Do No Harm Quick Check app facilitates conflict-sensitivity assessment of a project or activity through a set of Do No Harm questions developed by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) from years of experience in conflict sensitivity programs. Initially, the app was intended only for members of local practitioners. A few features were introduced by TechRemote to make it more usable to practically anyone who is interested with Do No Harm practice. To broaden its use and consequently promote Do No Harm advocacy.

The mobile app provides a list of questions answerable with “Rather Yes” or “Rather No”. Questions that are flagged based on user’s answer are marked appropriately in the Quick Check report to draw the user’s attention as these need to be addressed urgently. The app is not a typical data collection tool. The Quick Check reports provide input for discussion and reflection for project stakeholders, e.g. communities, and NGO partners or duty-bearers.

The app was featured in GIZ’s publication “Smart Prevention: Digital approaches in the peace and security sector of development cooperation”.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) - Caraga is thankful for the collaboration we had with TechRemote, particularly Mr. Victor Sapar, in the development of the Do No Harm Quick Check mobile app. The app allows looking into the conflict-sensitivity of a project or activity based on established Do No Harm principles and practices and gives immediate feedback on urgent areas that need to be addressed. Do No Harm checks are usually done in-person or with usual checklists. DSWD-Caraga’s IT team worked with TechRemote from the design phase to launch of the app. Mr. Sapar also conducted a crash course to members of the Caraga Social Welfare Development Learning Network and presented the app during the National Knowledge Fair of DSWD on November 11, 2019 in Davao City. Mr. Sapar’s experience in ICTs and development issues like peacebuilding allowed his team to execute well this project which was supported by GIZ Philippines.

Gelmar Faith Montillado, Regional Training Specialist, DSWD-Caraga

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