Project Name: Peace and Resilience
Partner: VSO Philippines
Outputs: Product ideation, UX/UI Research, UX/UI Design, Mobile Development (Android), Web App Development, Backend Services

Year: 2020


VSO Philippines, along with its partners, monitors incidents related to civilian protection, human rights, natural disasters and humanitarian concerns.

To facilitate this, an Android application was developed to gather incident reports and a web application to manage reports submitted from the mobile app.  As VSO Philippines’ partners operate in areas with poor or no Internet connectivity, the mobile app can submit a basic report, using a form with input controls, to the web application via SMS using an SMS gateway. A feature that is not common in popular open source mobile data collection apps. This shortens turnaround time to define and implement urgent interventions. A supplemental report allows gathering of more information on a Barangay level. Supplemental reports are associated to basic reports by incident name and incident coverage (e.g. province, municipality or city, barangay).

With the web application, reports can be filtered based on type, date range, location (province and/or municipality or city) or using different combinations of any of these variables. Reports can be exported to a comma separate value (CSV) format for further processing. 

The mobile application is accessible, for now, through a private distribution channel managed by VSO Philippines.

What Victor Sapar and his team at TechRemote accomplished with the VSO Peace and Resilience mobile and web apps surpassed our expectations. From the onset, it was evident that they think strategically building on our ideas and want to provide the most value given our limited resources. Victor's experience in mobile data collection and monitoring and evaluation in the context of development work allowed his team to bring more to the table than a typical software development company. Their process is transparent, collaborative and provided opportunities for VSO Philippines to be closely involved while the apps are in development.

Sheen Alexandre Tato, Monitoring and Evaluation Adviser, VSO Philippines

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