Project Name: Responsible Use of Social Media Workshop
Partner: forum Ziviler Friedensdienst | Civil Peace Service (forumZFD)
Outputs: Training Assessment, Training Design, Workshop

Year: 2018


forumZFD Philippines Program has been conducting activities with senior high school students in Cotabato City, in collaboration with Kutawato Multimedia Network (KuMuNet) and Nonviolent Peaceforce to “look at how the youth make use of social media and the Internet in general and how these practices impact already fragile situations.”

The overall workshop approach was to draw out experiences of participants as much as possible in different ways through group exercises and provide synthesis through short inputs or videos, if available. Lecture-type activities were avoided except in the sessions about the fact-checking tools. Post-workshop, a closed Facebook group was created to share workshop materials, outputs, photos, etc. as well as regular feedback from the participants.

Vic facilitated a training on Responsible Use of Social Media among senior high school student leaders in Cotabato City and Maguidanao Province to help raise awareness especially among students to become better and critical netizens who are able to identify the accuracy and legitimacy of information circulating online. Aside from being evidently an expert on ICT, Vic is a magnificent facilitator. He accompanied the process from the preparatory phase where he made sure he was able to get the deep understanding on the engagements of the participants online, and even after the actual training where he offered to continuously accompany the participants as they practice what they learned. He takes the “extra mile” to accompany the participants on a post-training scenario, and i truly appreciated it. The topics and the tools were all quite new to us, and being part of the organizers I have also learned a lot listening to his inputs! I would definitely recommend him should you need the “expert” in his field!

Bobet Dimaukum, forum Ziviler Friedensdienst | Civil Peace Service (forumZFD)

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