Project Name: Usap Tayo
Partner: Bangsamoro Development Agency, Inc.
Outputs: Product ideation, UX/UI Research, UX/UI Design, Mobile Development (Android),  Web App Development

Year: 2020-2021


The main consideration in developing this technology solution is accessibility given that communities whose feedback may be needed most don’t have access to smartphones or Internet both in terms of infrastructure and financial capacity. There’s also the need to get structured data/information, as much as possible, based on clearly defined indicators, to allow for easier processing and make them actionable.

To facilitate inclusion of communities with limited technology access, the digital platform can send and receive feedback as SMS from feature phones and even with the mobile app. A separate Android app was developed to serve as an SMS gateway using a local SIM card. The web app organizes the SMS messages in formats that allow processing and visualization, e.g., charts and maps. The technology solution helps ensure sustainability and scalability. The platform can be replicated easily as well.

(Photos by Bangsamoro Development Agency, Inc.)

“The Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA Inc.) is delighted to have collaborated with TechRemote on the development of a technology-enabled community feedback mechanism. Their sincere commitment to helping development organizations use ICTs to realize their mission was demonstrated by developing a practical, sustainable and accessible technology solution. The community feedback mechanism, while technology-enabled, allows participation of community members who have no Internet access or use only ordinary mobile phones. Feedback can be sent and replies or updates received as SMS messages while ensuring that data is structured and can be processed the same way as when using the mobile app with a smartphone and Internet connection.”

Windel Diangcalan, former Executive Director, Bangsamoro Development Agency, Inc.

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