Partner: VSO Philippines
Outputs: Website Strategy, Website Development

Year: 2020


VSO Philippines has facilitated thousands of VSO volunteers of various nationalities, in partnership with local organizations and government agencies, who have been working in and with communities in different parts of the country.

The main purpose of the website is to communicate the stories of VSO volunteers and its partners. A separate website was developed to provide an online community for its Returned Volunteers. Significant effort was given to clarify the website strategy coming from preliminary ideas and existing communication practices. WordPress, a popular content management system, and BuddyPress were used to develop the websites. From the page mockups that implemented their branding guidelines, premium themes were customized to also properly showcase contents. A hands-on online training was conducted while concrete suggestions for effective management especially of the online community were shared based on good practices.

Vic’s experience and passion as website developer (and all things digital) is beyond reproach. His services are always well appreciated as he does not only provide technical expertise but most interestingly he gladly shares very practical and easy to follow advises and recommendations to clients like us in troubleshooting digital/online platforms and improving our online communication plans and strategies to better and effectively convey our organization’s work. His passion and hands-on dedication has earned him the “go-to” person monicker for designing websites and other digital platforms (be it mobile apps and others) that are tailor-made to the kind of work that development organizations are engaged in. Thank you Vic. VSO Philippines appreciates your work and help, especially, the crash courses where non-techie staff are able to understand and practice how it is done in the background. Hope to collaborate with you on other opportunities and programs in the future.

Ivy delos Santos, VSO Philippines

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